• SnapIt™ Inspection

    SnapIt™ Inspection Privacy Policy

    Effective date: July 1, 2020


    This Privacy Policy governs use of the SnapIt Inspection Application, available through the Apple App Store. If you have any questions or concerns about the policy, please contact info@rethoughtinsurance.com. By registering to use this app, you agree that you have read and accept this Policy.

    Data Collected

    When you download this app, you can register as an authorized user. When you register or enter information on the app, we collect your name, company name (if used), address, email, phone number, and physical height to authorize use of the app. No other personal information is collected.


    When using the app, your location will be recorded along with the data and time of the use. You can have your registration information removed at any time. If you wish to be removed from registered user roles, please contact info@rethoughtinsurance.com. If you are removed, your registration information will remain stored with any photographs you may have taken. We store the information indefinitely.


    Your registration information is for the authorized use of this app only, and is not used or distributed to any parties (except as may be required in legal proceedings by court order.)


    We use the photographs of the buildings to assist insurance placement. We use your registration information to identify the authorized person who photographed the building. We use the photographs of the buildings to help place insurance. Photographs will be sent to third parties outside of reThought Insurance, but the registered user information will not be sent to any third parties.


    While using the app, you will collect photographs of building(s). Authorization to photograph the building in this app has been obtained by means of the request for insurance. Photographs stored in the app are used for the purposes of the app service only. reThought Insurance retains exclusive ownership of all photographs and other information captured through your use of the app and maintains usage or release of the information as it deems appropriate in its sole discretion. As a user of the app, you do not have any rights to the information captured.


    Each user of the app has access only to the assigned properties.


    We may use your registration information to identify misuse of the app. We will use your information to contact you in regard to use of the app.


    We may use cookies to store your registration information and to identify your device. Your information is stored on reThought’s servers and the servers of companies we hire to provide services to us. Your registration information may be transferred across borders because we have servers worldwide.


    In the event of acquisition or merger, your registration information will be transferred to a third party but will remain subject to the restrictions of this Policy.


    If you have a privacy or data concern with reThought Insurance, please contact info@rethoughtinsurnace.com directly for resolution. If satisfactory resolution is not reached, you may file for mediation, subject to the laws of the State of Colorado.


    We may amend or update our Privacy Policy we will provide you notice of amendments.
    Continued use of the app confirms your acceptance of this Privacy Policy and amendments.
    Should you not agree with the Privacy Policy, please notify us to remove your registration.

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