Protect your profits from costly floods.

Flooding is an increasing concern across America, where 99% of counties have flooded at least once. The damage and business interruption have cost businesses billions of dollars, because very few of them were insured. Some do have flood insurance, from the NFIP, but it’s not very good. The coverage limits are low, and the NFIP doesn’t cover business interruption while you clean up, or even debris removal. 

It’s time for something better.

It’s time for reThought Flood.

reThought delivers: 

Replacement cost value indemnities, not the ‘actual cash value’ some other insurers calculate to reduce claims. 

  • Coverage for loss of use and access when floodwaters cause business to halt.
  • Excess cover when needed to ensure complete protection.
  • Insurance of basement contents as standard, which few other insurers cover. 
  • Policy issuance in as little as two days in all 50 states.
  • Standard limits of up to $10 million per premises, and $15 million per policy. 
  • Premiums set to cover only your own risk, because reThought’s advanced technology pinpoints the specific flood risk of each property you insure. 
  • An underwriting approach which provides stable prices over time.
  • Technology, Transparency, & Trust.

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