Second reThought Holiday Recipe

Our team voted on the most popular recipe this week...

I know, we're a flood insurance company, not a food blog. But to spread some holiday cheer, we are doing something a little different. Every week, our awesome reThought flood team is voting on their favorite recipes to share with you. We have Christmas and Hanukkah themes coming up next, but let's see what won this week.

Mac & Cheese! And this one is killer. This is better than Panera mac & cheese, and you know that's good. And they use Gruyere which is a personal favorite. And it's baked...

Click the photo above to be taken to the print friendly version of the recipe. And while you're here, keep reading. We're also giving you the gift of a residential flood FAQ, answering questions like "is my basement covered?" Scroll down for details.


reThought Residential Flood FAQ’s 

Why do I need to buy flood insurance? 
Flooding impacts everyone in the U.S. All 50 U.S. states are at risk of flash flooding events. 99% of US counties have had a flood event since 1996.  

What can be covered in a reThought flood policy?  
ReThought offers flood coverage on a Primary or Excess of NFIP basis for building and contents coverages, for limits of up to $5M! In addition, Loss of Use (including loss of rent), Debris Removal, and Increased Cost of Construction/Compliance are available through the program.

Does my policy cover the basement?  
Yes! Basement coverage is included in the building and contents coverage of a reThought policy.

What if I need a policy today? 
While the NFIP offers a 30-day waiting period, reThought offers a 10-day waiting period which can be waived in the case of a new home purchase.”

Is $250k enough to cover the rebuilding cost of a home? 
For a high-value homeowner, $250,000 is likely not enough to cover the home in the event that a rebuild is needed. The insured will be on the hook for the remaining rebuilding costs up to the replacement cost of the home. NFIP coverage can be considered a starting point to fulfill lender requirements, but purchasing excess coverage through the private market is necessary to protect from a total loss. 

What if a flood displaces my client from their home? 
Loss of Use coverage is available to cover necessary living expenses if a home becomes uninhabitable following a flood loss, up until the day the home is rebuilt or until the specified policy limit is reached.

Do lenders accept Private Flood Insurance?
Private flood insurance programs back by A - rated carriers will be lender accepted. The NFIP is not the only way to obtain a lender-approved flood policy. 


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