reTV Season 2 Premiere

reTV Season 2 is here, and we're kicking it off by announcing we are also a podast!

In our 1st episode of Season 2, we open the flood gates on what is likely to be hurricane Nicole, introduce reTV as a Podcast, review summer floods of 2022, and look ahead at the seasonal forecast.

Our vision at reThought Insurance is to inform and empower capacity to close the climate protection gap. And we're starting with flood.

reTV provides simple explanations of complex weather patterns that can affect your flood policies. Stand out as an expert when presenting your quote and explaining coverage to your insureds. reTV Anchor Cyrena Arnold is a meteorologist and reThought Chief Sales Officer. You can reach her and our entire team at

reTV releases a new episode about every two weeks. Click Subscribe to be notified and find us on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.




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