The Flood Experts

reThought Flood is a new kind of insurer. We’ve deployed our enormous risk modeling expertise to develop a unique, technology-based approach to underwriting flood insurance. Our advanced data analytics create the understanding necessary to build a sustainable private US flood
insurance market.

reThought Flood delivers

     - gold-standard, A-rated cover for residential, high-net-worth, commercial, and specialty insurance buyers
     - prices commensurate to actual risk
     - a competitive advantage to carriers
     - a virtually unlimited new source of income for brokers

Underwriting that’s changed the game.

Other insurers price flood risk by using a single model to analyze the severity and frequency of flood in specific locations. reThought Flood has a different, patent-pending approach which deploys multiple models for a more accurate assessment of risk.

Unlike others, reThought Flood comprehensively underwrites each asset to be insured, as well as the peril, using a big-data AI approach. We’ve developed award-winning Flood Resilience Scores (FRS) based on publicly available data about the construction, composition, footprint, location, and other physical characteristics of buildings, which have a dramatic impact on their vulnerability to flood. 

Flood Risk Scores allow reThought to confidently price flood risk coverage which is much more extensive than competing policies. Advantages for insureds – and for brokers to offer – include large aggregate limits for buildings and their contents, including basement contents, plus coverage for loss of use, debris removal, and costs of construction.